Just checking the facts

delays we are observing

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UPS suspends service gurantee

Some services have been reinstated for guaranteed delivery times, Reloptix international services reinstated on this list are UPS World Wide saver

UPS shipping delay in PA, Pennsylvania

USPS First class mail update

From what it looks like, USPS is addressing delays for first class packages which is what Reloptix uses for domestic shipments within the U.S if you have opted for FREE SHIPPING. These prices are economical for us to be able to offer free shipping at our already low prices. It appears as though USPS is upping the standard which is good news. However, It looks as though they want to make more use of their trucks for transporting instead of costly air fare.

international USPS tempory suspension

The Postal Serviceā„¢ is temporarily suspending international mail
acceptance for certain destinations due to impacts related to the
COVID-19 pandemic and other unrelated service disruptions.

Reloptix most affected countries Australia & New Zealand. We can no longer offer First class international. Customers will temporarily have to choose UPS shipping prices

A word from reloptix

Since we have recently added our newest California team we are seeing more orders fly out the door which is reducing our turn around time from purchase to shipped. We will see improvements on turn around time from late September orders on. We have seen hiccups in shipments from our Colorado HQ to our new lab in California using a premium carrier such as UPS which took an extra 2 days. As we get closer to December we expect to see larger volumes take on longer delays/ hiccups in the shipping system. Be prepared and order accordingly. Thank you for your support and trust in Reloptix for your VR Lens needs!