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There are more VR lens inserts to come for additional VR headsets. Stay tuned!

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Awesome Addition

I have had these inserts about 3 weeks now. I should of ordered them back in January. They have been a great addition to my Quest 2. It is so nice not to have my glasses on when I'm in VR. The clarity on the Reloptix Lens is Exceptional! I can see a much clearer screen compared to wearing my glasses. The Reloptix Lens' are very easy to install and remove for cleaning. They line up perfectly with the Quest 2 lens' and I don't even realize that the inserts are even there. I do still use the spacer for glasses on the face insert just to give a little extra space and air circulation. So I figure because of this I don't have a fogging issue of the lens and the spacer didn't change in clarity of the Reloptix inserts.
So, Reloptix has done an AWESOME JOB at a fair price and I couldn't be happier with my decision to purchase these inserts. They were well worth the wait of 3 weeks and will enjoy them for a long time.
NOTE: If you're thinking about purchasing these inserts, STOP thinking!! If you continue to wear glasses you take a chance on SCRATCHING your VR lens' and there will be no repairing them!!

Literally a game-changer!

I tried not to set my expectations too high because I’ve had trouble ordering glasses online before, particularly with my need for progressive lenses. But with these lenses, all that mattered was the distance vision, and they work PERFECTLY. No fogged-up lenses, so incredibly comfortable, and I actually think I see better with these lenses than when wearing my actual glasses. I’m finally getting the fully-immersive VR experience I always hoped for. I’m absolutely thrilled with my purchase and would highly recommend Reloptix to anyone!

Superb Quality

As someone who has bought vr lenses before I would say the flatness of the lenses is the best thing about them. Very minimum glare issues with easy removal to clean any smudges via the magnet mount system. Will purchase again.

Good quality, difficult install on G2

The quality of the lenses was excellent, I love the magnets and pull-tabs. However, the adapters were a bit too tight, without much flex. This made installation difficult, as I was worried about scratching lenses or damaging the IPD mechanism of my G2.

I also did not receive a card pointing me to the installation video, and only discovered it after struggling for some time to install.

So much better comfort

It is amazing, just as advertised. The lenses made exactly according to my prescription, I see better in VR than ever, compared to glasses+goggles. Less fogging, and more convenience putting the goggles on, no need to adjust the position of glasses in the goggles. Lenses are very good quality with antireflex, I do not see any reflection halos in the view. Also, I need to mention, the lenses do not impede the field of view at all! I would give a little minus to the rating, because the adapter doesn't hold on the oculars so strongly, it comes off of the lenses easier than the magnetic lenses. But it holds well enough that it never came off during gaming. But it is a minor issue, the kit is great overall. Thank you!


Admittedly I have a very odd prescription with over twice the strength in one eye versus the other. However the Reloptix lenses produce distracting distortion in the vision of the higher prescription eye that has forced me to just use the one lens and leave the stronger lens out. I definitely don’t get this happening with my glasses using the Quest 2. The one lens I am using is extremely clear though and no complaints with that at all. I don’t think the issue I’m having is any reflection on the quality of these lenses and I would certainly recommend them.

Good fitment and quality

Both my friend and I were pleased with the quality of both the packaging and the lens. It came in a small hard case with foam lining, holding two small pouches with a lense in each. Great attention to detail. The lens themselves work as advertised.


The lens fit perfect and make the gaming experience so much better. Love the lenses

Reloptix Valve Index Prescription Lens Insert Kit
Alison Jordan (Oklahoma City, US)

Bought these for my teenage son, and he is super happy with them. His words: way better than expected. Thank you!

Best lenses

The lenses are spot on. You can’t even tell you aren’t wearing your glasses.

Best cuisine service of any company I've dealt with

Out of 5 stars I give them a 10 excellent


I have not been able to try them. I have a case of Vertigo right now. Ask me in about a month. Thank you.

Reloptix rocks!

My order showed up in a nicely foamed case for safe storage. The base clipped right in without any issues. Most importantly, as the ol' song goes, "I can see clearly now.."! No more fighting my glasses while playing. Much more comfortable to play now! My script is spot on.. great work guys!

These are a godsend for those who love vr and stuck with glasses.

I have the HP Reverb G2. I was told about Reloptix from a friend. I found it hard to believe a company would made your prescription lenses for this price. So I did some research and upgraded my VR headset and would give this a shot. I called my eye doctor for a copy of my last eye exam results and sent it in with the order. I use progressive lenses so VR views across the bottom for me really stunk. I read what they stated about there not being a need for progressive feature with VR which I knew about. I just got these last night and I will say installing the adapter for the lenses was a bit tough. This is only due to the tight tolerances between the adapter and eye pieces of your headset. Once I got the adapter in and connected the lenses, I started up my PC and my VR programs. Plus, adjust the lens width of my Reverb G2. I mainly fly in DCS World and I almost started to tear up when I had a clear full view of the inside of the cockpits. No more bottom half of my view being blurry. This is right where I wanted to be with in VR. I ordered the lenses with all the coating they would put on them. There was no changes in colors and I actually think the image looks more vivid than before. Reloptix you have made me so happy with your product and giving a much much clearer immersion of my favorite hobbies.

PS: To Jason and Will, opening my package and the first thing I see is a hand written personal "Thank You" absolutely floored me. This is a touch that so many have forgotten about and made me even more thankful for going with your company for this product. It should be us thanking you all for producing this at a cost that makes it within reach of not breaking the bank for us who have no choice but to stay with glasses.

Another world

I am so thrilled with my order. The quality is so much better than the competition. The base sits firmly and the magnets are strong. The opposition set which I paid a lot more money is rubbish compared to these wonderful lenses. They have breathed new life into my rift-s. I will now order lenses for my oculus2!

Reloptix Oculus Quest 2 VR Prescription Lens Insert Kit
Dennis Martinez (Montour Falls, US)
I can SEE!

So much better then wearing your glasses.

Great product!

I love these lenses. Nice build quality, quality lenses. I can play with perfect clarity without the hassle of jamming my glasses into the headset. Easy to remove for my wife to use. It's an all around win!

Reloptix HP Reverb G2 Lens Insert Kit a must for glasses wears

This product has made my HP Reverb G2 worth the money before getting them i found it a pain to use as having to keep removing the headset to wipe the glasses or have a rest from game play as pressure from the frame of the glasses on the nose and ears.
And so easy for none glasses wearing users just remove the len with the tab from each side and they just use it no problem at all.

Clear vision!

I was really excited to receive these. Once I got them I put them on and was able to see everything clearly. It felt pretty good to use my G2 without any glasses and I did not experience any fogging issues with the lenses at all. I did however came across a minor issues which was how the lense adapter was installed onto the headset itself. I thought the adapters would be made from soft flexible plastic but turns out it was hard and rigid. With that being in mind one of the adapter did not fit my headset and cracked. While I don't find it too troublesome, the adapter still works like it should and stays on the headset and keeps the lense in place. Overall it's been working very well.

Hey Mizanur! Please reach out to us at so we can observe your faulty adapter and get that replaced for you

crystal Clear and easy to install.

complete satisfaction.

I would like to see adapters for other headsets that can adapt my lenses. for example I have a Oculus Go and would like to use these lenses on that too

Hey Bruce! Thanks for the review! You can purchase Quest 1 adapters (the bottom piece that attaches to the GO &Quest 1) separately here :

Best quality

It’s exactly what you need for your oculus 👌🏼

Total Immersion

Having to shove my glasses into the headset is a thing of the past. Reloptix has brought to the table a superior product in both quality and ease of use. Their corrective lenses bring home full immersion to the ocularly challenged. If you need lenses, get these!!

Easy, convinient and awesome!

Simply put, the lenses are amazing.
Easy to install and easy to remove the magnet lenses when needed.

The lenses look very well made.
You get little cloth case for each lense and a bit bigger one for both of them. In addition you get a small cleaning cloth and a thank you letter :)

Overall its way more comfortable and fun to play withut glasses, I'm very happy.

game changer

Would have paid more, it has made the experience so much better, no more fog or fear of scratching lenses..just worth it. Easy install, don't even think about it, best buy

Game changers

Before I got these inserts I enjoyed the VR but never went out of my way to play it. Now that I have these inserts I ply my VR every chance I can and play it until it is dead. The install was super quick and easy and the build quality was every bit as good as I was hoping for. 10/10 would buy again