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Game Changer for Glasses Wearers

These Rx lenses far exceeded my expectations. Visual clarity is amazing, and build quality is excellent. Great customer service, as well. I highly recommend these corrective lenses for anyone with a Reverb G2 who wears glasses.


I purchased the oculus for the supernatural fitness app. I tried it with glasses and they got super foggy to the point that I had to take headset off between each song. Then I tried wearing my contacts, which worked. But, when the wildfires hit there was too much smoke for me to wear them. Then came research for lenses and I finally decided on Reloptix. Best choice!

I thought the turnaround time was really good - 2 weeks from order to delivery. Installation was quick - under 5 minutes. Most importantly, I see great and there's no more fogging - so the fitness app is tons of fun again.

Also, I was concerned that the lenses would shift because of the magnets, that hasn't been an issue at all.

If you are hesitant don't be. These lenses are a great investment.

Great lenses!!

The lenses arrived quickly and are amazing! A real game changer if you wear prescription glasses and want a superior VR experience. Easy to install and clean. Highly recommended!

Works great, fast arrival!

No more reader glasses. No more worrying that reader glasses will scratch my headset lenses. And everything is so clear now! I couldn’t be happier. The price point is right, they are easy to remove and clean, and the distance judgment is absolutely perfect. If you get these, you will not be disappointed.


Its exactly what i needed and at great quality aswell

Complete game changer

Before I bought my Meta Quest 2 all the reviews said you can use it with glasses.
However, once I'd bought the MQ2 I discovered your glasses will only fit if they are within a certain size and my glasses were too big but I was able to dig out an old smaller pair that just fitted in my MQ2 but it wasn't ideal, it was a bit blurred, they'd steam up and they were nearly touching the MQ2 lenses.
All these issues using my glasses put me off using the MQ2 so I decided to take a look at what lense attachments were available.
What I needed was a pair of lenses that I could attach and unattach very quickly so that I could swap the MQ2 when friends were round and we were all taking goes.
What I thought were the cheapest and optimal lenses for me were made by Reloptix but I live in the UK and thought I'd have problems with purchasing them but even with the shipping charge I'd save about £40 on those in the UK so I decided to give Reloptix a go.
What can I say, ordering was really easy, updates were regular, the customer service was great and when I put the lenses in my MQ2 it was amazing. The lenses worked perfectly, the magnetic snap on makes them so easy to attach and remove. I'm using the MQ2 every day now and it wouldn't have been possible without these lenses so if you live in the UK and are wondering whether to purchase these lenses go for it, you won't regret it.
Thank you Reloptix for providing a great service from start to finish. 🙂


So nice to be able to game with these.. Comes in a great case with lenses cleaning cloth and a nice sticker. For sure worth the price. Thank you guys!

Would be a 5 star

I love the set I got, they made vr even better the only down side is how it mounts to the lenses.u lose a little of your view because of how thy mount to the lense besides that its a 5 star item

Must buy for the four-eyed

It's a game changer. I was rarely using my Quest 2 because it was such a hassle to use with glasses.

Magnetic snap-on is a nice touch. Can remove and reattach in a snap. Love it.

Perfect for me

I cannot wear glasses long term in my oculus and these Reloptix magnetic snap in lenses are a life saver. I initially only ordered lenses without the magnetic base and the Reloptix support team reached out to help me change my order to get the full kit. 100% would recommend to anyone who has glasses!

Reloptix. A game-changer! Literally.

I waited with huge anticipation for my lenses to arrive as I was looking forward to finally seeing a clear image through my Reberb G2 Headset. I was not disappointed. The lenses were easy to install, and the image is bright clear and crisp. I use them for MS Flight Sim, and I now have clear vision of the gauges and instruments, along with the spectacular views from the cockpit. Cheers!


Not needing to wear my glasses in VR is so refreshing and these work perfect! Everything about the product and transaction was perfect!


Love these. Game changer!


These lenses are the best!!! Ordering was made easy. Delivery was quick. VR is so much better! Will definitely order again if my perscription ever changes

A little bit pricey (with the added import taxes it's about 1/3 - 1/2 of the Occulus Quest 2 price.
The product itself looks perfect. I have bifocal glasses and these lenses seem to match my vision by 100%.
The quality of the materials is great and the convenience of magnetic attachment makes it a snap to put.

Perfect focus, it does touch the bridge of my nose a bit though

The lenses are perfect, I couldn't ask for better. My only (very, very minor) complaint is that the mounts touch the bridge of my nose a bit. It's not enough to cause discomfort or anything, but it should be noted. I'll definitely buy these again if my prescription changes!

Game Changer!!!



I can see again!! These lenses are a game changer (pun intended). I almost sold my Quest 2 because it was such a pain having to wear my glasses. Now, everything is clear and my VR experience is much better. Great lenses at a really good price.

Transformed my VR experience

Made such a dramatic improvement in visuals, better FOV and quality of life using the VR rig.

I can see clearly now in VR

I have an astigmatism and was concerned with moving to glasses-less VR but I was told by a few great VR YouTubers that these were the best lenses out there. So on a whim, I bought them, within a few days had them, in seconds installed them, and wow. I am so grateful for not having to wear my thick and clunky lenses in VR. Now the only problem is finding my glasses after I leave the metaverse. If you are on the fence, I hope this 'sells you' on going with Reloptix for your VR prescription lenses. Also, the signed note by the makers is a nice added bit of customer service I can appreciate.

I can see clearly noooow…

These are fantastic i can see sooo much better in vr now. Trying to use my actual glasses with the oculus was a pain. So I had to tough it out with almost seeing images clearly with a bit of a blur. That mad it difficult to play shooters that require me to ads with one eye.

Saved My Life

The Reloptix Prescription Inserts SAVED MY LIFE. I just purchased an Oculus 2 and I couldn't enjoy games because I couldn't wear my glasses in the headset. Saw Dr Eyeguy review Reloptix. So I IMMEDIATELY ordered a pair. These lenses matched my prescription to a T. They're SO GOOD, I wish you Guys made regular glasses THANK YOU RELOPTIX FOR MAKING MY VR EXPERIENCE GREAT!!!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Game changer no

This a game changer for those with glasses. Way more comfortable and less fogging. Easy to remove when you let others play.

Perfect vision

I'm very pleased with these lenses. After wearing them several months, my vision in Oculus is perfect. Thank you.

Simply brilliant!

I have a tricky prescription, especially for my left eye, and was not really expecting these would be that good given the relatively cheap price. Wow, was I wrong! These have transformed my Oculus VR experience and made it far more accessible for me. The lenses are really well made, and accurate to my prescription, and the customer service was brilliant. I recommend them to anyone, very highly!