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There are more VR lens inserts to come for additional VR headsets. Stay tuned!

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I can't play Quest 2 without prescription lens anymore

Before I got lenses my view same as video low quality but right now it's crystal clear

Amazing and clear

I was looking for prescription lens as my glass frame bend and didnt fit, even with the spacer included. This product was JUST what I needed. everything is crystal clear and with the premium anti-reflective coating makes easier on the eyes and fit. Recommend 100% to anyone with glasses to get these.

As advertised

I am extremely happybwith the quality of the prescription lensis for my Occulus. They did not have hidden fees either. I am getting another set for my son soon

Great product

It’s a great product.

New Experience

Really changed VR for me thank you!!

Reloptix Oculus Quest 2 VR Prescription Lens Insert Kit

Look no further!

These lenses are like magic. My current pair of glasses do not fit because they are too chonky, and my old pair are the wrong prescription and constantly fog up with discomfort while playing.

Well these lenses from Reloptix are one of the best purchases I've made for the Quest 2. Shipping took a bit longer but I'm in Canada and it shipped out 4 weeks after the order was placed (this was the expectation given so I'm okay with it). I also submitted the wrong prescription and emailed them a few weeks in and got a response within a day to that they'll be corrected.

If you have bad eyesight like me and hate the discomfort of wearing glasses, no need to look any further as these lenses are perfect!

Highly recommended!

Great Lenses - Superb Customer Service

I've only used my new lenses for a few hours, but in that time I can already feel the difference between using them and wearing my glasses in my Quest 2 headset. It's a world of difference!! Putting on and taking off the headset is soooo much easier now since I no longer have to worry about my glasses getting 'stuck' in the headset. The headset is also much more comfortable to wear now. The lenses are easily put on and removed due to the magnetic ring, but since I'm the only one using my headset, removal is not an issue so I just use the included microfiber cloth to wipe them off in-place.
Additionally, Reloptix's Customer Service is top notch. Soon after placing my order, I requested a detailed receipt for insurance purposes and I had an email with the attached receipt within a half-hour! Truly impressive!
I'm definitely going to recommend Reloptix to all the VR Headset users I know! Great work, Reloptix!!!

Love my product

Me and my son Loves our lenes,And the price wasn't bad,They where easy to install and to share with our family and friends,And they are clear like my glasses I wear everyday,Thank yall so much.

Made all the difference in the world! Love them!

My new Oculus 2 is sooooo much better now that I can SEEEE!! Great quality lenses and easy to just magnetically attach to the Oculus lenses.
I highly recommend if you wear glasses to get these lenses.

Great product!

This is an outstanding product! I will be recommending this product to friends and family.

Best Lenses for Oculus Quest 2

Amazing! How wonderful to finally be able to see with clarity in VR. My glasses were always ruining the experience. No longer! I would highly recommend these lenses from Reloptix. Very comfortable, no rubbing on the nose, easy to add/remove from device, excellent packaging, and a great price!

It’s nice to be able to remove the glasses spacer and gain some fov

Reloptix Oculus Quest 2 VR Prescription Lens Insert Kit

Great lenses

Great lenses. Like night and day compared to using my glasses. I did notice that there is a halo when bright light is on the screen surrounding a dark background, but I assume this is because its a 2nd pair of lenses on top of the VR ones. Not sure if this is the same issue with all other brand prescription lenses, but its by no means a deal breaker. Will recommend to my friends.

Reloptix prescription lens insert kit for the Oculus Quest 2

So far so good! Haven’t used the Oculus much but the couple times I have the images were better than before. My wife will need to order a pair for her prescription as well.

Perfect solution

I tried using the Oculus Quest 2 with my glasses and broke the frames. I researched inserts and found Reloptix which was clearly the best value in the market. I got them a couple of days ago and it makes using the Oculus Quest 2 so comfortable and my vision is clear. Plus, I don't have to worry about breaking my glasses. If you need a VR prescription insert, look no further than Reloptix.

Sharpness of Graphics

I suspect the lack of clarity is due to sharpness of the game graphics and not the lens. Overall the lens is a great improvement over glasses.

Great lenses.

I love the insert lenses because when I was using my own glasses with the Oculus it would hurt the bridge of my nose. Great quality, easy to install and good price. Thanks Reloptix.

Stunning Lenses

I was worried about how well these lenses would work, even with my accurate prescription as I had been using my computer glasses with my Quest 2 (which were okay but uncomfortable). One I snapped these in it was incredible! Better than the glasses by far! I was able to take out the extra glasses spacer for the Quest 2 frame and the experience has never been better. Highly impressed. Thanks, Reloptix.


These inserts are perfect. I no longer have to deal with the annoyance of my glasses when using my Quest. I love it. Would recommend.

Work well and easy to use

So first of all, the lenses are easy to install. Took me maybe 15 seconds. The magnets make it super easy to remove them when others want to use my headset. I would say I can only put the FOV knob on my Index 1/2 as close to my face as I used to, but there really isn’t much noticeable FOV loss. Packaging is nice as well, and the lenses stay on no matter the intensity of my games. No discomfort around my nose or anything either. All around great product that improved my VR experience significantly.

better than glasses but not much

They work, somewhat. Simple to install, but the lenses have glare spots throughout and lots of distortion toward the outer sections. There is a really small sweet spot in the center where I can see clearly, so I have to really crank the strap tight so the headset stays exactly in place. My nose is better off because I'm not wearing glasses, but my forehead hurts now after a short time playing. It's a small improvement, but I was really hoping for much better.

Hey Beth! Thank you for the review! We would like to gather more information from you to help with your experience. Please try to install the eyeglass spacer that came with your headset. Please reach out to us at

Freedom without the discomfort

I have to say, I was a little skeptical at first due to the fact I have a pretty severe astigmatism and was worried about how well these would work.

While it is taking a bit to adjust my Quest 2 headset (with the new Bobo VR M2 headstrap) to my head to work with the lenses proper, I am blown away. Being able to finally play my Quest without my painful and annoying glasses is heaven in comparison. The prescription is crystal clear, they go on in seconds and it makes it so much better! The pricing was reasonable as well.

Lenses that are worth waiting for

Build quality is great, lenses perfect and customer service was responsive. Just took a while to arrive (which is plastered all over their website, so my expectations were met).